About Us

We are a news network company that mentions viral stories. Viral content is defined loosely as anything online that spreads quickly once it is noticed. It often shows up without warning and gets spread in a rapid manner across social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. The content is typically something eye-popping, highly amusing, or related to current events or pop news of the week or news cycle in which it grows. We focus on tracking viral stories and reporting on them so that you can know what is spreading like wildfire around the Internet at any given time.

Viral stories are very compelling. Anything that goes viral is often something that elicits an emotional response from the reader or viewer, as viral stories are mostly either text articles or videos with audio content. Their power comes from the fact that they stand out from ‘typical’ news that is seen every day. Viral stories can be anything from heavy-handed political arguments to a guy riding a unicycle through the snow while wearing a Darth Vader mask and a kilt and playing flame-throwing bagpipes.

The downside of viral stories in many cases, except when they are spread simply for amusement and entertainment, is that when they are false, they do damage. Many viral stories were covered during the 2016 American campaign for the presidency, with double-digit percentages of both Republicans and Democrats falling for them.

It can take a day or two for news organizations to become aware of viral stories, and even longer to authenticate or fact check them. However, even if debunked, not everyone discovers the truth, and even among those that learn, the negative emotional response they have to a candidate or person of news-noteworthiness is often subconsciously done and cannot be reversed. The need for sites like ours is not going away.

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