Six Reason To Recycle All Of Your Plastics

recycling plastic

Plastic is one of the most commonly used items today.  Plastic is used to make bottles, grocery bags, and many other types of disposable containers.  Here are some reasons why it is important to recycle plastic.

The most important reason to recycle plastic is to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Plastic is one of the most commonly recyclable products that end up in landfills.  Choosing to recycle plastic will help lessen the problem of overloaded garbage dumps.

Another reason to recycle is that plastic takes many years to break down.  Because it is not a biodegradable substance, plastic hangs around for many years.  Some estimates place the life of a plastic bottle at over 100 years.

Discarded plastic are also a danger to sea life.  Every year there are many animal deaths caused by plastic in the oceans. Birds, seals, whales and dolphins often get tangle up in plastic debris and drown or suffocate, which causes damage to the aquatic ecosystem.

Plastic also contains toxins which can be harmful to the environment.  Because plastic breaks down over a long period of time, the toxins inside of plastics slowly seep into the ground and eventually make it to the water table, which poisons the water supply.

We should recycle plastic because the way most people currently use it is wasteful.  The EPA estimates that 50 percent of all plastics are used once and then thrown away.  Making the decision to recycle will help to reduce waste.

The final reason to recycle plastic is that it is easy for everyone to do.  It is just as easy to place a plastic bottle in a recycle bin as it is to place it in a trash can.  Everyone should make the conscience decision to recycle not just their plastic, but all their recyclable goods.

Check out the video below to see how the world’s biggest plant recycles plastic.

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4 Good Reasons Why Every Business Should Run Background Checks

When a customer hires a contractor, whether it be a carpet layer, appliance tech, or housekeeper, they have a reasonable expectation of not being a victim of crime. They should always ask the company if they run background checks on all of their employees and if they are insured in case of theft, vandalism or other problems. This should be a wake-up call to any employer that has people working inside or around the homes of their clients.

Insurance Companies Like To Know Who The Are Covering

When an employee turns criminal and steals from a client, it’s usually the insurance company that has to pay the damages. For that reason, it’s always best to do background checks on all of your employees before you hire them so that you not only protect your clients but also keep your good insurance rating.

Once you’re known to hire people in bad reputation, not only will your insurance rates go up, but you may have trouble even getting coverage at all. In addition to that, if the customer goes on the Internet and leaves some bad reviews about thievery, robbery, assault, or other problems, the reputation of your business is bound to suffer badly. People are using online review sites more every day.

You Can Do Preliminary Background Checks Online

There is quite some background check companies available online where an employer can run a quick check to verify information and get criminal histories. While these services are great for a quick check, and fairly inexpensive on a monthly basis, they aren’t entirely reliable in the long run.

You’re always better hiring a professional service to do a thorough job of checking. Since you have a lot at stake, your reputation, your clients well being, and your insurance rating, it’s up to you to chose a strong background checking company.

This can be expensive, but then so is your reputation as an honest businessperson. In addition to that, being sued by a client that has been attacked or damaged in some way, can lead to huge settlements that could break your business in half. So using the tools that are available online and then going the next step for those that pass the preliminary check is the wise business move.

It also must be said that any discrepancies that are found in the first background investigation can help weed out employees that have lied on their resumes and applications. This can help save a lot of time for the hiring manager since people that lie in one instance will tend to lie in others as well. Plus, anything that can quickly reduce the long list of applicants while helping your company’s reputation is a good move all the way around.

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5 Tips To Stay Safe Online

With the use of so much technology today, it is only natural that anyone would be worried about their safety online. Making sure that your identity is protected will call for doing a whole lot more than simply changing up your password from time to time, including:

1. Select A Secure Password

Password and the user

Anyone can sign up for an account using a basic password. However, setting up a secure password is an easy way of creating a unique password that will be a lot harder for a hacker to figure out. Think about using a password that has 10 or more characters, using a mixture of letters, numbers, and characters to add the most security.

2. Get Login Notifications

Whenever possible, you can opt to get login notifications whenever your account gets accessed from any unfamiliar notification. If this feature is available, you will usually find it in the security settings section.

3. Keep Your Security Program Up To Date

Believe it or not, there are many people that will fail to update their security programs after buying and installing them. The latest updates will have the correct security settings and the ability to keep up with the latest trends in hacking to keep your account secure.

4. Increase Your Junk Filtering

Email filter for junk mail

Nothing is worse than getting spam until you find that you have junk mail that includes clicking through links that can steal your private information. Never click on links in emails from any sites that you are not familiar with.

5. Only Use Your Accounts From A Secure Location

While you may think nothing of logging into your bank app to check your account balance from your local coffee shop’s wifi, you could be opening yourself up to the danger of hackers if the network has been compromised. It is always best to save these logins for secure locations only.

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Why Are Sobriety Checkpoints Important?

When you’re driving down the road and come upon a sobriety checkpoint, your first feelings may be annoyance and frustration. You’ll have to sit and wait your turn to go through the checkpoint taking up your valuable time. While checkpoints may seem annoying, they are a very important way to keep our roads safe.

Sobriety checkpoints are in place to remove inebriated drivers from the roads making the roads safer for everyone. At a sobriety checkpoint, the police officer will stop every so many car to see if the driver is intoxicated. If an officer feels like the driver is intoxicated, they can request further testing, such as a breathalyzer, to determine how impaired the river is.

Sobriety Checkpoint

While the main goal of a sobriety checkpoint is to remove intoxicated drivers from the roads, they also have another important reason for being used. Sobriety checkpoints are a great way to deter people from drinking and driving at all. If a person knows that there will be a sobriety checkpoint, there is a low chance that they will decide to drive while they are under the influence. This can result in safer roads for all of the responsible drivers.

While there are many states that do perform sobriety checkpoints, there are some that choose not to have checkpoints or prohibit them. These states include Idaho, Michigan, Washington, and much more. While checkpoints are not used in these areas, they still have other methods in place to ensure that intoxicated drivers are removed from the road.

Sobriety checkpoints can remove an intoxicated driver from the road which will prevent car accidents and fatalities due to a person driving under the influence. While the checkpoints may seem like a frustration for the responsible drivers, they are a great way to help promote safety on the roads. An extra ten minutes to your commute can save many lives if a drunk driver is removed from the roads.

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Local news and national

How Your Local News Can Educate You

It’s important to be informed and educated about the world around you. However, many people don’t realize how much they can learn by watching their local news station.

Here are a few of the many ways in which local news can educate you.

You’ll Hear Stories That Won’t Appear Anywhere Else

Local new stations make a point of featuring stories that are specific to a community. They’ll investigate and report on problems that matter to you and the world around you.

If you want to keep up with what is going on in your town, you’re going to want to make sure you follow the local news. Whether you watch it on TV or read it in a paper, you’ll be able to take in a great deal.

You Can Learn More About National Stories

While local news reporters do report on local stories, that isn’t the only thing that they focus on. It is also common for them to report on stories with a national impact. In some cases, the stories they cover may even have a global appeal.

If you want to keep up with the news, but don’t have a lot of time, you should try tuning into your local news station. You’ll be able to hear all of the stories that are relevant to people living in your area.

You’ll Know What Other People Are Hearing

It’s likely that the people that live around you will also be tuning into local news. If you watch or read local news, you’ll be familiar with the kind of stories that they’re consuming.

If you’re looking for an education, you should be able to get it from a local news network. Try to find a station that will be able to teach you what you want to know.

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