About the Ocean Signal Network News

The Shore News Network was founded in 2008 with the creation of two community websites, JacksonNJOnline.com and TomsRiverNJOnline.com.  In 2010, we launched JTOWN Magazine, a print edition of our very popular Jackson website, followed by the launch of Toms River Magazine in 2011.

The Shore News Network is an collection of aggregated news stories mixed in with original news content published by JTOWN Magazine, Toms River Magazine and the former Ocean Signal.

Every day, we report on local news here at the Jersey Shore and mix our in-house reported with links to other quality local news websites, blogs and content producers.

The Shore News Network, like any great search engine, curates and indexes local news from third party sources, creating a stronger reach and presence for independent local news providers and bloggers.

The editor of the Shore News Network is Phil Stilton, a former United States Marine and Jersey Shore internet pioneer.   Stilton has been involved in creating news platforms for the New Jersey news industry since 1995 as a member of the Asbury Park Press and IN Jersey’s technology, research and service team.

In 2013, Stilton was the primary driving force behind the Ocean Signal newspaper, which published for one year.   Stilton is also the editor of the Ocean County Police Blotter, one of Ocean County’s most popular social media sites on Facebook.

Stilton’s editorial works and photographs have been featured globally, including Time Magazine, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, the Star Ledger, Asbury Park Press, USA Today as well as hundreds of other newspapers and news broadcast programs around the country.

In 2015, the Shore News Network switched from the decades old proprietary news format to an open-news format and local content aggregator.   Under the open-news format, all in-house news stories and published photographs are made available under the Creative Commons license, which allows other news providers free use of our features and photographs in full, provided they are properly credited and attributed.

The Shore News Network’s platform is the model of the new millennium and is a leader in local news delivery with syndication on a global scale.

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