Ping Pong Is An Art – Think Of It Like Dancing

Ping pong is certainly an art. Just ask any beginner or novice who thinks the name of the game is to slam the opponent at every turn. It doesn’t always work out. Watch the professionals, and they are for sure always setting up their slams, yet even their volleys are at higher velocity. It takes a certain amount of finesse and rhythm to play ping pong, hence the fact that it is truly an art form.

Why Ping Pong Is So Close to Dance

Think of ping pong as a dance, only one person has to end the point, gaining the upper hand. Once you start playing the sport, you realize quickly that the table isn’t so large. You can see some examples hereĀ It is quite easy to sail a ping pong ball out of bounds. The first one to 21 points wins, but without decent control of your paddle, you could be down 10 points and be facing a called match quite quickly.

The first key aspect of playing ping pong is to practice volleying, and it helps to have a friend to play with. You need that practice, and you also need to know the art of the serve. Oh yes, it’s an art. With a distinguished ping pong player as an opponent, you’re not going to ace the serve. Yet you don’t want to score any points for your opponent with a missed serve. Furthermore, you set the pace of the point with your serve.

It matters each time you return the ball, too. Your return is your chance to get the upper hand. Fail to do that, and you allow your opponent the same chance. Again, it’s like a dance. That being said, you also need to know how to return a serve properly. Those serves can be low to the table and quite rapid, so you have to get the ball back up and over the net.

There are many novice players who fail to clear the net when returning a good serve. There are just as many novice players who send a ball flying off the other end of the table without touching after returning a serve. That first return is crucial to joining with your opponent in the ‘dance.’ If you get the ball going back and forth, you’re going to be doing more than volleying during a match.

However, volley practice helps you get in the right groove, enabling you to continue a point and not fall on the serve or the first return. You get used to the dance, and you can start getting brave in terms of adding more power, spin and all kinds of extras to your shots. Just like with pool, you can put ‘English’ on the ball when you’re playing ping pong.

A better connection in terms of sports would be tennis. Tennis and ping pong are obviously a lot alike. It’s like golf and mini golf. Only ping pong requires all the same skills as tennis, while mini golf is only your putting game in terms of golf.

With a ping pong table being so small, you’re talking rapid fire when everything really gets going. You have to think fast, and you need quick reflexes. It’s also a fun sport, but some people find it very frustrating at first. It takes some time to serve and produce that first return outside of simple volleying.

Volleying is fun, however, and it’s a great way to learn the dance. Beware, you can start to think you are pretty good at ping pong, and then suddenly, you meet your match. Ping pong partners is always fun, too, but that means even less space to work with. Enjoy getting to know the game of ping pong better, and remember, it’s all in fun.

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