Can you get your LPN degree online?

As a licensed practical nurse, your main task is to look after patients while providing the necessary support to doctors and nurses. You will also need to be a source of support for interested family members. Can you get your LPN degree online?

The first step to your future career in nursing

People interested in a satisfying career in health care can complete a licensed nursing practice (LPN) or a licensed professional nurse (LVN) within two years or less. Serving as LPN / LVN can open the door to other career opportunities, including a registered nurse (RN). Students planning to keep part-time or full-time work while completing their education can enroll in the online LPN / LVN program to achieve their educational goals. The following page presents career paths for LPN / LVN and online program options available to students.

Checking online programs for LPN

The online program can be a great option for working nurses and other people who need the flexibility offered by a virtual classroom. However, before enrolling in any online LPN program, it is important to make sure that the school not only offers the education and training needed for employment, but also meets state and licensing requirements. When reviewing the academic options, check whether the program is accredited. accreditation

Completing the accredited program is compulsory for any nurse applying for a license and an internship license is required.

Aspiring LPNs can check whether their degree will be considered a license by visiting the National Council of State Nursing Councils and making sure that the school has a program code.

Can you get your LPN degree online?

How do LPN and LVN online work?

A practical field of care is primarily practical. The online LPN and LVN programs reflect this reality and will therefore usually cover both online curriculum and personal requirements. Let’s see how it works.

Online vs. hybrid

Before applying a practical nursing program, it is important to remember the nature of LPN’s work – that most of them are very practical. Taking this into account, no reputable program preparing students for licensing and NCLEX-PN will not be 100% online. It will contain a number of clinical requirements that will help students put into practice what they have learned in class.

Most online programs are actually “partially online” or “hybrid” programs. This means that the vast majority of the classroom courses – or maybe all of them – will take place completely online and clinical work in person. Although the student may not be required to complete clinical studies at the school itself, he or she will need to find an approved healthcare facility that is ready to work with the school to allow the student to complete clinical studies there.

Online classes

Online courses allow LPN students to complete classes when it is convenient for them. It can be early in the morning, late at night or on weekends. Each program will have its own online curriculum delivery system, mostly with varying degrees of asynchronous learning. Although there may be occasional “real-time” meetings online via video chat or discussion boards, students will not have to go to campus to attend classes.



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