How to change a combination lock?

To change the combination lock, you need to know some general information. From there, you need to know what type of lock you are dealing with. Not only whether it is a mechanical or electronic lock, but also on what device the combination lock is installed. How to change a combination lock?

Changing the dial lock combination is easy, regardless of whether the combination has three, four or even five numbers. The process involves two basic tasks: deleting the original combination number and then assigning a new one. After knowing the position of the “change” position of the lock (most manufacturers give 11 or 1 o’clock on the dial), you can change the combination of the lock. Some disc locks require a key to be placed on the back of the lock to transfer it to “neutral” mode so that the new combination can be accepted.

General tips for changing combination locks

  • Do not rush.
  • Open the lock before trying to change the combination.
  • You may need a specific type of “reset tool” to change combination locks.
  • If you make a mistake anywhere in the process, wait and try again from the beginning.
  • Do not block the device again until you are sure that the new combination is set.
  • After changing the safe, unlock the safe 3 times with the new combination before closing the safe door.
  • Some safes require a secure locksmith or other secure technology to change the lock and cannot be changed using simple DIY methods.
  • Find the lock name to find detailed information on changing the combination of locks.
How to change a combination lock?

Change safe combination – manual dialing

If you received a safe from one of the best secure companies, there is a chance that you will have the mechanical manual selection of Sargent and Greenleaf.

  1. Open the safe.
  2. With the safe door open, manipulate the knob using the existing combination. However, you will move the numbers to the shift sign (the mark to the left of the 12 o’clock sign used to open the safe).
  3. Leave the secure number of the last number in the combination.
  4. Insert the key to change into the keyhole on the inside of the safe door.
  5. Turn the safety key over and do not twist the key in the keyway.
  6. Choose a new combination with the change sign, use the appropriate rotation process that you would use to open the safe.
  7. Leave the secure number of the last number of the new combination.
  8. Turn and remove the change key.
  9. Test the new combination several times while the door is still open.

Change safe combination: digital

For digital locks, they will have a reset button or dialing procedure that puts the digital keypad into programming mode.

  1. When the door is open, press “7” then “4” and then “*” (star button).
  2. The lock will be moved to programming mode, but you still need to insert the current secure combination and then press “#” (pound button).
  3. Wait until you hear five clear beeps.
  4. Indicate that you want to change the safe combination by pressing “1” and then “*” (star button).
  5. Insert a new code, then press “#” (pound button).
  6. Wait until you hear three clear beeps.
  7. Insert the new code a second time, then press “#” (pound button).
  8. Wait until you hear three different beeps, which means that both the first and second codes match.
  9. The digital lock will now be out of programming mode.
  10. Before closing the safe, check that the new combination works as expected.



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